Gastroenterology MCQ 152

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Eponyms in Surgery and Anatomy of the Liver, Bile Ducts and PancreasCharacteristic concentric "onion rings" fibrosis around bile ducts on biopsy.

A. 18 year old female with jaundice, prolonged prothrombin time, movement disorder ("flapping tremors" of the upper extremities) and manic-depressive psychoses. Liver biopsy shows non-specific steatosis fibrosis.

B 37 year old male with a history of ulcerative colitis presents with progressive fatigue, jaundice and elevated serum alkaline phosphatase.

C. 5 year old boy with a recent history of upper respiratory tract infection presents with sudden vomiting and change in mental status, terminating in coma.

D. 35 year old male with "bronze" skin pigmentation, diabetes mellitus, abnormal liver function tests and markedly elevated serum ferritin.


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