Cardiology MCQ 030

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A 57 year old man presents with a 35 minute history of severe chest pain radiating down his left arm, associated with shortness of breath. He denies denies a prior history of chest pain. His serum troponin levels and EKG are compatible with an acute anterior wall myocardial infarction. If this man died about 2 hours after his symptoms began, before he could be taken for angioplasty, you would expect the routinely stained sections from his anterior heart wall to show:

A. Normal myocardium
B. Poly morphonucleocytes (PMNs), edema and congestion in hypereosinophilic, wavy myocardium
Mitochondria and the HeartC. Macrophages and lymphocytesin degenerating necrotic myocardium
D. Proliferating tiny vessels and early fibroblast proliferation
E. Hyalinized fibrous tissue


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