Gastroenterology MCQ 144

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American Cancer Society's Complete Guide to Colorectal CancerDuring the birth of her second child, a 20 year old woman is noted to have the prolapse of rectal polyps. The patient is otherwise asymptomatic. Family history is negative for colorectal cancer, cancer, or polyposis. Physical exam reveals an osteoma on the patient’s right temporal area. Colonoscopy reveals greater than 100 adenomas scattered diffusely throught out the colon and a mass lesion in the transverse colon which is adenocarcinoma on biopsy. CT scan reveals metastatic disease in the liver. All of the following statements are correct concerning this patient’s condition except:

A. Virtually all patients will develop colorectal cancer if left untreated
B. Caused by mutation of the APC gene found on the short arm of chromosome 5.
C. Average age of polyp development is in the second decade of life
D. Second leading cause of patient death is upper gastrointestinal cancers

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