Gastroenterology MCQ 126

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Endoscopic Sclerotherapy of Esophageal Varices (Gastroenterology)In one randomized controlled trial, patients with non-bleeding esophageal varices using beta-blockers had a 4% risk of developing variceal bleeding during two years of follow-up. However, patients using placebo had a 24% risk of variceal bleeding. What is the relative risk reduction (RRR) and the absolute risk reduction (ARR) in variceal bleeding associated with the use of beta-blockers in this trial?

    1. RRR = 82% and ARR = 20%

    2. RRR = 20% and ARR = 83%

    3. RRR = 26% and ARR = 15%

    4. RRR = 88% and ARR = 26%

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