Endocrinology MCQ 082

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A 45 year old that is being evaluated for hypertension is noted to have serum sodium level of 150 mmol/L and potassium of 3.1 mmol/L. All of the following could be consistent with the diagnosis of the Conn's syndrome in this patient, except:

  1. Metabolic alkalosis

  2. High serum aldosterone level

  3. Expansion of his plasma volume (e.g. through putting him on a high salt diet) should be able to suppress his serum aldosterone level

  4. Acid/Base Balance: Metabolic Alkalosis & Acidosis (Program Three)Low (suppressed) Plasma Renin Activity (PRA)

  5. The presence of an unilateral solitary nodule on CT scan of the adrenals

Endocrinology MCQ Answer with Explanation 082

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