Genetics MCQ 019

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Mutation: Aneuploidy, Antioxidant, Budgerigar Colour Genetics, Homeobox, Macromutation, MullerĀ“s Morphs, Mutant, Polyploidy, Robertsonian Translocation, ... Mutagenesis, TILLING (Molecular Biology)A 15-year-old boy is evaluated by a clinician for failure to develop normal male secondary sexual characteristics. Physical examination reveals small testes, a small penis, and gynecomastia. The boy has had some difficulties in school, and the parents say that the school psychometrist said he had an IQ of 90. This patient's condition is most likely to be related to which of the following?

A. Deletion
B. Nondisjunction of an autosomal chromosome
C. Nondisjunction of a sex chromosome
D. Non-Robertsonian translocation
E. Robertsonian translocation


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