Gastroenterology MCQ 5

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Gut-Associated Lymphoid TissuesA 60-year-old male presents with nonspecific symptoms of fatigue, malaise, weight loss and abdominal pain. Barium small bowel series shows a limited segment of small intestine with thickened mucosal folds and partial obstruction. CT scan confirms small intestinal wall thickening and suggests the presence of bulky mesenteric lymph nodes. Which of the following is/are components of optimal care?

    1. Attempts at percutaneous biopsy of the mesenteric mass

    2. Surgical exploration with aggressive resection of the localized disease including wide, en bloc lymphadenectomy

    3. Liver biopsy and sampling of periaortic and mesenteric lymph nodes outside the field of resection

    4. Splenectomy

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