Gastroenterology MCQ 31

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MCQs in Anatomy for Part 1 FRCR: Multiple Choice Questions in Anatomy with Detailed Answers for the First FRCR ExaminationWhich of the following statement(s) is/are true concerning the anatomy of the small intestine?

    1. The second (descending), third (transverse) and fourth (ascending) portions of the duodenum lie in the retroperitoneum and are mobilized for surgical procedures via the Kocher maneuver

    2. The identification of the superior mesenteric vein and artery can be facilitated by an extensive Kocher maneuver mobilizing the transverse portion of the duodenum and exposing the vessels as they course over the duodenum and under the neck of the pancreas

    3. In only the minority of patients can the accessory pancreatic duct (the duct of Santorini) be seen on endoscopic exam entering the duodenum

    4. The ileum is the widest portion of the small intestine, with the diameter of the small bowel progressively increasing as the ileocecal valve is approached
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