Gastroenterology MCQ 23

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Double contrast barium enema: The Genoa approachA 45-year-old man with a history of previous right hemicolectomy for colon cancer presents with colicky abdominal pain which has become constant over the last few hours. He has marked abdominal distension and has had only minimal vomiting of a feculent material. His abdomen is diffusely tender. Abdominal x-ray shows multiple air fluid levels with dilatation of some loops to greater than 3 cm in diameter. The patient discussed above was admitted to the hospital and after 24 hours remained distended with no evidence of resolution. Which of the following radiographic studies would be considered appropriate at this time?

    1. Contrast enema

    2. Enteroclysis study with dilute barium

    3. CT scan with dilute barium oral contrast

    4. None of the above
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