Gynecology MCQ 012

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Candida And CandidiasisA 12-year-old female comes to the physician because of a vaginal discharge. The discharge started about 2 months ago and is whitish in color. There is no odor. The patient has no complaints of itching, burning, or pain. The patient started breast development at 9 years of age and her pubertal development has proceeded normally to this point. She has not had her first menses and she is not sexually active. She has no medical problems. Examination is normal for a 12-year-old female. Microscopic examination of the discharge shows no evidence of pseudohyphae, clue cells, or trichomonads. Which of the following is the most likely diagnosis?

A. Bacterial vaginosis
B. Candida vulvovaginitis
C. Physiologic leukorrhea
D. Syphilis
E. Trichomoniasis


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