Gynecology MCQ 011

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Bleeding Pussy Adult Magazine Dripping Red Aching Vaginas V1 N4A 16-year-old nulligravid woman comes to the emergency department because of heavy vaginal bleeding. She states that she normally has heavy periods every month but missed a period last month and this period has been unusually heavy with the passage of large clots. She has no medical problems, has no history of bleeding difficulties, and takes no medications. Her temperature is 37 C (98.6 F), blood pressure is 110/70 mm Hg, pulse is 96/minute and respiration are 12/minute. Pelvic examination shows a moderate amount of blood in the vagina, a closed cervix, and a normal uterus and adnexae. Hematocrit is 30%. Urine hCG is negative. Which of the following is the most appropriate management?

A. Expectant management
B. Hysteroscopy
C. Oral contraceptive pills
D. Laparoscopy
E. Laparotomy


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