Power of a statistical test

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The correct answer is A .

Statistical Power Analysis: A Simple and General Model for Traditional and Modern Hypothesis Tests, Third EditionThe power of a statistical test is the probability, assuming that the null hypothesis is false (i.e. an effect is significant) of obtaining a result that will allow the rejection of the null hypothesis, the correct answer has to be A. Choice D would be correct if it had 70 percent rather than 30 percent. Choice B is talking about a Type I error which does not correspond to power. Choice C would be correct if it said 30 percent rather than 70 percent.

There are four components that influence the power of a test:
  1. Sample size, or the number of units (e.g., people) accessible to the study
  2. Effect size, the difference between the means, divided by the standard deviation (i.e. 'sensitivity')
  3. Alpha level (significance level), or the probability that the observed result is due to chance
  4. Power, or the probability that you will observe a treatment effect when it occurs




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