Periductal Mastitis

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Mastitis During Breastfeeding: Evidence for Care and TreatmentThe Correct Answer is B

Periductal Mastitis is a condition where non-dilated subareolar breasts ducts become infected. It most commonly affects young women, with a mean age of 32 years.

The condition may present with periareolar inflammation, and the breast may be tender. There may be a history of nipple discharge and on examination the nipple may be retracted and there may be an associated inflammatory mass or abscess.

A total of 133 women with periductal mastitis and 98 women with intraductal papillomas were studied. Pathologists were asked to grade the degree of periductal inflammation and duct dilatation and to determine the presence or absence of squamous metaplasia without previous knowledge of the clinical condition of the women. The inflammation and dilatation were graded as mild, moderate or severe (acute). Cigarette smoking was defined as absent, light (one to 10 cigarettes per day). Approximately 50 percent of the women with periductal mastitis presented with acute inflammatory breast disease. Women with periductal mastitis were more likely to be premenopausal than were women with intraductal papillomas. No differences in parity or the use of hormones were apparent. Cigarette smoking was significantly more common in women with mastitis than in women with papillomas, and the number of cigarettes smoked per day was greater in women with periductal mastitis.




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