Answer to Pathology MCQ 154

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The Correct option is B

Renal Carcinoma
  • Renal Cell Carcinoma – hypernephroma/Grawitz tumour
  • Arises from proximal renal tubular epithelium


  • 90% renal cancers
  • Mean age 55 years, male: female is 2:1
  • 15% those on renal dialysis develop renal cell carcinoma

Clinical features

  • 50% incidental findings during abdominal imaging for other symptoms
  • Haematuria, loin pain, abdominal mass, anorexia, malaise, weigh loss and PUO may all occur
  • Rarely, invasion of left renal vein compresses testicular vein causing a left varicocele
  • Spread may be direct, via lymph nodes, or haematogenous (bone, liver, brain)
  • Bloods – FBC (polycythemia from epo secretion), ESR, U+E, alk phos (bony mets)
  • Urine – RBC, cytology
  • Imaging – USS, CT/MRI, IVU (filling defect in kidney and calcification)
  • Renal angiography if partial nephrectomy or palliation are being considered
  • CXR – cannon ball mets

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