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iGenetics: A Mendelian ApproachAbout autosomal dominant inheritance all are true except is always expressed in homozygotes
b.always one parent is affected
c.50% of children affected
d.Offspring of a nondiseased child of a diseased parent will not have the mutant gene.


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Anonymous said...
5/06/2007 3:59 PM

The answer is (a). Autosomal dominant disorders can be expressed in a heterozygous state thats why it is called dominant. It is the autosomal recessive state which is always expressed in homozygotes.

Anonymous said...
10/15/2008 6:27 AM

Its technically not the right answer {A} because option is
"it always affects homozygotes" and thats true it always affects homozygotes, and it "can" affect heterozygotes as well coz its a dominant condition, option A would have been right answer if it was quoted as "only affects homozygotes". (that is untrue and that is what asked in the question "all are true except")

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