MCQ MAHE 2000 Physiology Answer 14

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The Correct Answer is A

The higher functions are affected.

  • Short term memory is impaired with easy distraction.
  • Convergent thinking is when there is one correct answer and divergent when there are multiple correct answers. Frontal lobe damage impairs divergent thinking.
  • Loss of spontaneous behaviour, like speaking and verbal fluency, impaired drawing and doodling, with general lethargy and initiation of daily routines.
  • Impaired strategy formation and planning, especially in unfamiliar situations,
  • There is inappropriate behaviour with difficulty using social cues and information to direct, control, or change personal behaviour.
  • Inhibition impaired. This leads to perseveration (continuing to attempt a task that is obviously failing). They may confabulate.
  • Behavioural changes include breaking rules and taking risks, not following task instructions and gambling. (Gambling involves assessing risk and outcome).
  • Social and sexual behaviour inappropriate or altered from previously. In social reasoning the left lobe is more important than the right
  • Pseudodepression with psychomotor retardation, while the indifference is like "la belle indifference" of hysteria.
  • Pseudopsychopathy (because of the lack of social inhibitions)
  • Humour seems to decline with age but is more marked in frontal lobe lesions

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