Cardiology MCQ 033

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A 74 year old man presents with severe chest pain to the emergency room, and is found to have a widened mediastinum on chest radiograph and a murmur of aortic insufficiency on examination. He dies on the operating table from blood loss from a ruptured but very dilated ascending aorta. At autopsy, severe aortic atherosclerosis, especially in the ascending aorta, is seen together with a longitudinal intimal ridging resembling tree bark affecting the ascending aorta. the aortic root is also dilated. Histological sections of the aortic arch confirm the atherosclerotic plaques, and also show obliterative endarteritis of the vasa vasorum.
Your diagnosis:

A. Kawasaki arteritis; atherosclerosis
Neuritis, Arteritis And RheumatismB. Atherosclerosis with secondary bacterial aortitis
C. Aortic dissection., Type A
D. Syphilitic aortitis with accelerated atherosclerosis
E. Takayasu arteritis


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