MCQ Surgery 10

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A 43-year-old African American woman comes to the physician because of her concern regarding breast cancer. She has no complaints at present. In past years, she had noted bilateral breast tenderness prior to her menses, but this has since abated. She has no medical problems. She had two cesarean deliveries, but no other surgeries. She takes a low-dose oral contraceptive pill and has no known drug allergies. She does not smoke, and her family history is negative. Physical examination is normal. All mammograms (yearly since age 40) have been negative to date. She wants to know whether BRCA1 and BRCA2 screening would be appropriate for her. Which of the following is the correct response?

A. BRCA1 and 2 screening is not recommended
B. BRCA1 and 2 screening should be performed after age 50
C. BRCA1 and 2 screening should be performed if breast pain recurs
D. BRCA1 screening is recommended
E. BRCA2 screening is recommended


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