MCQ Psychiatry 20

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A 7-year-old is brought in by his parents for evaluation of possible attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). You review the history carefully and perform a thorough physical examination, including visual and hearing evaluations. You conclude that the problem is more likely due to ineffective discipline than to ADHD.

Which one of the following would be a strong clue that your interpretation is correct?

A) The child has frequent motor and vocal tics
B) The child acts as if he is in "another world" when playing
C) If a sibling is present, the child will play alongside, rather than with, the sibling
D) There is a clear pattern of varying sleep cycles, varying from periods when the child needs little sleep and is euphoric, t to periods of excessive sleep and a depressed mood
E) The parents react extremely emotionally when the child misbehaves during the office visit


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