Karnataka PGET Orthopedics MCQ Answer 5

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The Correct Answer is B

Tennis elbow is an injury to the muscles and tendons on the outside (lateral aspect) of the elbow that results from overuse or repetitive stress. The narrowing of the muscle bellies of the forearm as they merge into the tendons create highly focused stress where they insert into the bone of the elbow.

Injury to the lateral aspect of the elbow is the most common upper extremity tennis injury. Tennis elbow is generally caused by overuse of the extensor tendons of the forearm, particularly the extensor carpi radialis brevis.

It should be kept in mind that elbow epicondylitis is not limited to those persons playing tennis, golf, baseball or swimming and can result from any activity that puts the lateral or medial compartments of the elbow under similar repetitive stress and strain (e.g., hammering, turning a key, screw driver use, computer work, excessive hand shaking).

    Lateral Epicondylitis Medial Epicondylitis
    painful resisted wrist extension painful resisted wrist flexion
    painful resisted radial deviation
    (bending wrist toward pinky)
    painful resisted forearm pronation
    (palm facing downward)
    palpation tenderness of the lateral epicondyle palpation tenderness of the medial epicondyle

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there are different types of treatment options are there but physiotherapy is the best treatment compare to NSAIDA.

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