Karnataka PGET Orthopedics MCQ Answer 2

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The Correct Answer is A

Enchondromatosis (Ollier's disease)

A disorder in which bones that form from a cartilaginous model have multiple nodules of benign hyaline cartilage within them. The disease is non heritable. Its importance is that it is structurally deforming and is a premalignant condition with a high rate of sarcomatous degeneration in severely affected patients.

    Incidence- rare, usually discovered in early adulthood, affects males greater than females. Often the lesions have a predilection for one or other side of the skeleton.

    Radiographic findings- multiple enchondromas

  • Clinical presentation- usually as a skeletal deformity, if change in size or pain develops then this is suspicious for chondrosarcomatous degeneration. This occurs in 30-50% of patients.

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